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Gone are the days of searching through dog-eared catalogs or trying to make sense of complicated product websites.

We do the work for you! We take only the very best and most current products and place them in easy-to-use categories specially designed to fit your needs. We'll build a custom store for you and increase the efficiency of the work flow in your operation while giving you all the reporting and control you desire.


  • Displays your company's colors, logo and corporate look
  • Displays the products you've selected under the category headings you've designed
  • Displays quantities and prices agreed to by you
  • Displays unlimited number of products
  • Allows for unlimited number of users
  • Utilizes a custom shopping cart with the features and security levels you desire
  • Allows for the establishment of passwords and usernames if desired
  • Allows for various permission levels
  • Allows for the establishment of set spending limits by user
  • Allows purchasing manager to approve, edit or deny all orders before orders
  • Allows for multiple billing and shipping points
  • Optional personalization tool with online proofing
  • Customized reporting available
  • Provides links to other search engines and web applications
  • Generates and sends email order confirmations to buyer and supervisor is desired
  • Provides Administration section for management of users and various functionality

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